I help women
how they
listen, trust & act
on their inner knowledge
to achieve enduring
growth & joy.


The first step to your authentic confidence is creating an unshakable bond with yourself.  

But, what gets in the way?  

  • We haven’t been taught how to trust our “inner knowing.”

  • We fail to support one another in the courage to act.

  • We’re waiting to have the life we want until we feel confident.

How do we overcome these obstacles?
The answer is a process called: 

Listen. Trust. Act.   

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How does it work?



You always have the answers you are seeking and
will learn how to tap into your highest potentials.


You will create an unshakable bond with yourself so
that you can trust what your inner knowledge is saying to you.


Acknowledging that you will rarely feel ready, you can act on your inner knowing and source your courage and confidence.

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My life's work has been about learning to listen to my inner wisdom, trust what is coming through, and source my courage to then act on this knowledge.

My goal is to transfer my years of study and training to you so you don’t need to take as long as I did to step into your power and live the life you truly deserve.


Meet DIanna


Dianna Hanken is an author, motivational speaker, and certified coach committed to empowering women to listen, trust and act on their inner knowledge to achieve enduring confidence, unstoppable resilience and lasting joy.

Dianna tells it to you honestly and authentically. Her proven breakthrough coaching gives you the support you need to face your struggles head-on and reclaim your power.

The main goal for every session is to observe your personal blocks and develop your
confidence so that you walk away with new tools, courage and insight to listen, trust and act in your life to achieve
enduring growth and joy. 

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A motivational
message from Dianna…



"Dianna was an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with. She used her ability to connect with others and engaged and empowered our members in her workshop.

She communicated well, provided excellent content
and learning for our group,
and we will definitely have her back again!"

-Dress for Success Oregon


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What does coaching with Dianna feel like?

“I have been working with different professional and personal coaches since 2006.

Every time, after working with Dianna I am positively surprised about
the depth and clarity of the inner knowledge that she helps me to uncover.

Through her coaching, Dianna taught me techniques
that I will use for the rest of my life.

I highly recommend Dianna's coaching to every woman who is open
to explore her own inner guidance with
Dianna's skillful, gentle, and positive guidance.”

-Tatyana C., Oregon


More Words from her clients:


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