Dianna Hanken is an author,
motivational speaker,
and certified coach committed
to helping you learn how to
listen, trust and act
so you can become the
leader of your own life.

Her unique breakthrough
method is backed by
her Feminine Power training
and studies with
world-renowned consciousness
leaders such as
Dr. Jean Houston and
Dr. Claire Zammit.

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Dianna tells it to you honestly and authentically. Her breakthrough coaching gives you the support you need to face your struggles head-on and reclaim your power. The main goal for every session is to develop self-leadership so that you walk away with new tools, courage and insight to persevere through your life. 

After seventeen years of building a real estate business from the ground up, Dianna left her successful career behind and made the bold decision to dedicate her life’s work towards helping others.

Aside from her Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University, she has also acquired professional certifications in Transformational Coaching and Leadership. Dianna is also a Global Ambassador for Evolving Wisdom and the author of the highly-praised book “The Destiny Path – A Heroine’s Journey.”

Her own personal struggles from stuttering as a child to ending a 20 year marriage to leaving a successful business to create another one and years of personal study and self-development has taught Dianna what it takes to master self-leadership. There is a deep capacity within each of us that allows us to step into flow, and she looks forward to sharing this with you.

With her vast experience in areas stemming from her corporate background to her deep commitment and continuous studies in spirituality and self-development, Dianna’s specialty speaking topics include:

·      Perseverance

·      Empowerment

·      Growth

·      Transformation

·      Leadership

·      Goal setting

·      Happiness