A message from Dianna…

I never knew life would take me in this direction. All my years of self-refection, going within, removing barriers and releasing blocks opened me up to something that even now can take my breath away. I am being supported by a rising energy and consciousness that is taking me on a journey to help others in a way that I never imagined for myself.

My book that I released, “The Destiny Path – Being Alone to Coming Home,” was written through me in about seven hours one afternoon in April 2017. I never anticipated writing a book, but Spirit had other, better ideas for me.

That is what has made this journey such an incredible gift – I don’t have to figure it out any more. I can live in a place of flow and trust, and the highest and best next steps will be shown to me if I stay open, humble, and willing to listen. In “The Destiny Path,” I share my story and how I got to the place that I find myself today. Each one of us has a unique path to walk, and I hope showing you mine empowers you to live your life in alignment with what your soul desires. I am standing in full commitment to you and all that you are here to bring forth in this lifetime. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and our time is now.

My heart is full, my gratitude deep.

Much love and many blessings,
Dianna Hanken


Kirkus Reviews

“In this debut memoir, Hanken turns to spiritual guides, meditation, coaches, and workshops in her quest to open her life to love.

After years of feeling isolated, alone, and restricted in her ability to express love, the author finally reached a crossroads. Through dream interpretation, spiritual practice, and self-analysis, she discovers that she could no longer please others at the expense of her true feelings. She endeavors to take a journey of healing, ends her marriage of more than 20 years, and begins to take real risks in connecting with others. She sets a goal of finding a true beloved and begins to listen to signs and messages that she receives from music, dreams, and teachers. Hanken’s memoir is honest, detailed, and emotional. She articulates her feelings in a way that many readers will find relatable, detailing her inner questions, doubts, and confusion about parenting, finding love, and belonging.

The chronological text is organized into seasons, with each one focusing on a different, specific struggle. Through “Winter,” for example, the author learns to trust the “flow of love,” accepting when her expectations don’t work out and relinquishing the need for control that’s kept her life bridled. In one poignant moment, the author recounts, “I had learned to love myself enough to feel the anger.” When the book reaches the final chapter, “Spring,” Hanken has learned to fully accept herself and her surroundings, and she’s reached a satisfying resolution of trust, love, and openness. Overall, this is a succinct and satisfying work, as the author eschews insignificant details to instead focus on major life events, key shifts of consciousness, and turning points in her journey, and this sets this book apart from many other spiritual memoirs.

A gratifying account of one woman’s path to wisdom, love, and self-acceptance.”