Thank you, Universe!


Happy Monday to you lovely beings!

It’s funny what can happen when you take your own coaching advice. Being that these past 6 weeks have been after my birthday and so much has been energetically moving, there have been many opportunities to wade through and decide what is in best alignment for me. Should I launch my own podcast show or do a 6 week online course? What about doing more networking events or doing a particular action around my business? It’s all been flying at me. I’ve wanted to maximize the energy and every potential, and after doing this for 6 weeks, I am a bit exhausted.

So yesterday afternoon I decided to take my own advice and sit quiet, do a mediation, and ask what is my best next step. Within a minute, I got the answer and the download to an email began to flow. It wasn’t to do any of the above. Some of it in the future for sure, but that is not my best next step.

My intention has been abundance and also to expand and reach many more people with my message in the most authentic and aligned way. And that fundamentally comes through service and putting myself out there to the best of my ability. What came through was to go back to my real estate office and offer a class around Listen.Trust.Act and incorporate my knowledge of the real estate business in this workshop. Although I do not sell real estate any more, I can bring forward what I know of connecting to that deepest, wisest part of you and learn how to create authentic courage and confidence within the context of selling real estate. Of course! What a beautiful opportunity to combine my knowledge of real estate with my brilliant skill set of transformation. Thank you, Universe, for the right direction!

I also got clarity around putting my energy into booking speaking gigs. I love connecting with you all in this way and can reach more of you in this capacity as well. Here I am co-creating with Life. Placing my intention of what I am desiring and then Life gets up under me to support my intentions by showing me the best next step.

You know I am just teasing around taking my own advice! I really do these processes and they work.:)

Knowing that we cannot become ourselves by ourselves, I will also ask you for your support. Do you know of a podcaster in need of a guest? I would love to share with them Listen.Trust.Act. Does your company or group have need for a leadership/empowerment speaker? I would love to come and present a workshop around this! Please PM me or reply below, and we can connect and share resources.

Set your intentions, get quiet, ask what is your best next step, and listen to the answer. Trust what you hear, and then follow through with an action step. You are infinite, powerful, and a blessing.

Much love, many blessings. xo

Dianna Hanken