Forgive. Trust. Play. Utilize.

Hello sweet beings of change and paradigm shifting…
Take-aways into this weekend:

Dianna Hanken Healer

Forgive. Forgive yourself, release any judgments you may have on where you think you should be, forgive any past actions you feel were not in alignment. You did what you did in the consciousness you were in, and now you can choose differently. And it’s time to let it go and forgive yourself.

Trust. The Universe is always up under you and is life-positive. It wants to give you everything you are desiring. Your work is to feel the emotions home into Love and trust in what is showing up for you. You are a divine, infinite human that is blessed beyond measure. Know this and allow the work to be done through you.

Play. You create more of what you are desiring and wanting to bring forth into existence when you are in joy. New ways of being and the rewiring of systems is done infinitely faster in play. Smile. You are here on this glorious planet for a finite time, so get outside, really see the beauty around you, and let your heart loose.

Utilize. I reheard this term in Feminine Power this week. What would you do if you shifted into everything is awesome? What if you shifted into everything is an opportunity? Shift into a higher state of awareness and get out of your mind. You are more than your thoughts, so allow whatever comes your way to receive your blessing.

Be grateful. You have more than enough, you are more than enough, you are exactly where you need to be.

"We know what we are for
And how we became so informed
Bodies of info, performing such miracles
I am a miracle, made up of particles
And in this existence
I’ll stay persistent
And I’ll make a difference
And I will have lived it."

Tremendous love and blessings bright Lights! Be the difference this weekend. Xo

Dianna Hanken