Spring Transformation

Trust Play.jpg

Good afternoon amazing Lights of Being! Spring is definitely here in Portland, and I am so grateful for the return of blossoms, birds, and the warmer air. It is so much fun to go for a run and be able to smell the incredible scents the Earth is giving off right now. This photo is of a tree I see on my run, and I adore seeing it bloom this time of year. Everything is transforming once again, and my hope is that your soul continues to do so as well. Open heart, open heart, open heart.

I was feeling a little lethargic this morning and wasn’t in the mood to do much before I started a coaching session. I had reached out to a sister yesterday to discuss money as she is brilliant in this arena, and we were able to connect this morning. I just smile at the timing of what we are able to receive, by whom and when, and it is up to us to reach out, connect, and continue to move forward. We cannot be passive in creating what we want in life, and yet knowing when we are forcing something is important versus allowing and letting the flow of life dictate where we need to go.

She was exactly the right woman for the conversation. I have been breaking down old patterns around wealth for months, healing what keeps arising, releasing ancestral lineages, and essentially just doing what we’re here to do. I know this is my work right now and as we know, when we clear for ourselves, we also are clearing for the collective in Unity consciousness. I had so many take-aways, but the main one I was ready to receive was “call in your circle.” Augh! Yes!! Of course the ones who are resonant with what I have to offer are ready, willing, and able, and I had not energetically called them in. As soon as she said this, I immediately felt the energy begin to shift.

I have had to learn, mostly through my training in Feminine Power, how to have up-leveling partnerships particularly with women. When I was younger and more in the masculine mode of operating, I would do it all alone. I wouldn’t ask for help, I viewed women mostly in competition, and I did not know how to amplify others and receive support. In learning how to embody and anchor in the feminine, I am able to listen at such a deep level within my being and source from this infinite wisdom. It has taken time and commitment to do this, and having this capability is in each and every one of us – even the men. We all are learning how to balance and integrate both aspects of the masculine and feminine within, and in learning how to move with the feminine is vitally important in this shift that is happening right now on the planet. It’s incredibly exciting even if it can be confusing at times when we see old structures breaking apart all over the place. Remember – it’s in the death of an outdated paradigm that the new can arise. This includes all of the old breaking down within us as well. Trust, take the time for your moments of quiet, and know you are exactly where you need to be.

I invite you into some play this weekend! Do what brings you joy, makes you laugh and brings you some lightness. Even if you don’t feel like it, choose the joy anyway. It’s powerful what can shift. It’s going to shift anyway, so we might as well have some fun along the way.

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Tremendous blessings to you. We are Love. xo

Dianna Hanken