Connect With Gratitude

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Beloved tribe! Sending you all much heart and love this beautiful Monday. The sun is out here in Portland, and as I am getting caught up with my work, I am feeling grounded and joyful and grateful. All around there are reasons to love where you are. How are you connecting with gratitude right now? If you'd like some support or are seeking advice, I recently posted around a new “Ask Dianna” feature (coming to the website this week!) where you can anonymously send me any questions you have.

I had a question come in from a warrior sister who is divorcing after 24 years of marriage from a relationship that was not fulfilling or empowering. She is supporting herself currently by going to counseling which I highly recommend for her as she continues through her process. What I am appreciating about her share is that she is taking action steps that will best support her through this life transition and reaching out for support. There are three power centers within ourselves: the first is our connection to ourselves; the second is with the greater field of life – with God, the Universe, Spirit, nature; and the third is our connection with others. In learning to move between all three of these power centers in our most authentic way is what allows us to keep moving forward. And so in reaching out, this sister is strengthening her muscle of power center three. What beautiful modeling for all of us.

Her specific question was around how to let go of feelings that she is having regarding her ex-husband and is there is anything I would recommend in order for her to complete the process with him. I of course cannot answer specifically to her as I do not know exactly where she is in her process, yet there are a couple of things that stood out to me in her ask.

First, whatever is arising is there because it wants to move through. The more we hold onto a feeling either through judgement of ourselves or others, the longer it takes for the emotions to clear. What if we took the idea that whatever is coming up for us just needs our embracing and loving? If you’re having feelings of anger, love that. Feelings of sadness? Love that. You also don’t need to figure out where the emotion came from. It is there because it is ready to leave and move you into a higher vibration. The tendency is to want to by-pass the feelings and go into our minds, rationalize what we are feeling, but that just keeps us stuck. This was definitely my go-to and can still be a tendency for me today. A quick way to know how you are sourcing yourself is to stop, close your eyes, take three deep breaths and then see where you are in your body. Are you deep in your belly or are you floating up in your head? If you are in your body, more than likely you’re sourcing from Love. If you are spinning in your mind then you are trying to rationalize. Just notice where you are, release any judgments around that, and then take a bit more time in self-care to get into your heart. This is a practice and one that has tremendous payoff.

The second piece I would offer support is in the relaxing into time. For this particular sister, she had been with her partner for 28 years and is about two years out of the relationship. Processes take time, and in our relationship to wanting to be “done” with things can put us more into a struggle with our process and where we are. We can go into judgement that we should be farther along and over it already. She is going through some tough moments right now, so let’s have compassion for ourselves and where we are in our process. The Universe is doing its best to move you through as quickly as possible if we allow ourselves to step into that flow. When we judge, the process slows down. The best way to give ourselves the compassion we need is to be in gratitude. Do you have enough to eat today? Be grateful. Do you have a place to sleep even if it’s on your friends’ sofa? Be grateful. Wherever you can go that is most authentic to you where you can step into gratitude, this will allow you to move out of judgement into a more aligned version of yourself and will allow Spirit to do its work more easily.

I am grateful to be here in service to you. My life has infinitely changed by allowing myself the time and freedom to anchor into my heart and move from this place of joy. In Unity consciousness, what we put out helps all, and so I allow the Love to expand beyond me into all of us.

Reach out to me if you need more individual support on your journey. It would be an honor to serve you on a deeper and more personal level.

Tremendous blessings and Love!! xo

Dianna Hanken